Let me bring you up to speed. My name is Wes Allen. I live in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is a suburb of Atlanta — excellent. I am a graphic designer who loves anything that looks as if it were made by human hands. Whether it's textured, drawn or bad color registration from a shaky screen printers hand, I love making perfect pixels seem a bit more tangible. I share my design passion with my better half, my brown-eyed girl, Haley Allen. We met at The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2004 and haven't left each other's side since.
I work at North Point Ministries by day and design apparel for the music industry by night. I love anything to do 80's/90's pop culture, Disney (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars), toys, comic books, and any and everything that keeps us young at heart. I have a podcast about 80's/90's nostalgia with some of my buds called Past Forward
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